5 Tech To Get For Christmas


5. The Apple Series 4 Watch

The Apple Series 4 Watch would be a very nice gift for someone. It is a watch which is essentially a phone. You can call, take pictures and much more. The price has significantly decreased since it came out. It now costs about £399.

4. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are Bluetooth earphones which is very good quality. They are noise cancelling earphones. Although they are expensive (£159) they are worth it because of the amazing quality.

3.  FIFA 19

Although there has not been that many changes to the game since the previous game, it is a very good game with beautiful graphics. It now costs £39.

2. Nintendo Switch

This gaming console is very useful because you can use it when travelling, it is very light therefore it means it’s portable.

1. MacBook Pro 2018

A very powerful yet thin laptop. It has Touch ID and can do retina scans. It is light and powerful which is useful for travelling.

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