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Hi There!
Welcome to my tech blog. My blog is all about techy stuff which I find cool from around the world. If you love tech like me this is a place for you. I search all over the web and watch tons of videos to find some of the coolest techy stuff out there!!

What’s So Cool About Cool Tech Boy?
It’s about the latest tech gadgets which you can use everyday to make life a little more simple, particularly for young people. So Cool Tech Boy focuses on gadgets that will make you say…”Wow that’s just cool!”

Our Goal
I want to help make life simple with tech. I break down the technical stuff and make it simple for everyone!

Get in touch!
If you want us to review your new cool techy gadget, get in touch with us, I love new tech gadgets…

I find tech very interesting. I want more people to realize that tech is really cool. Tech also needs reviewing, many people don’t know wh