Apple Watch Series 4- A Camera, Fitness Tracker and Phone in One


What Is It?

The Apple Series 4 Watch is the Apple Watch which was released in September. Apple have done a great job and have added a lot of very cool features.

What’s New?

Most of the new features are display improvements. The screen is now a little bigger and now there is more things to see on the watch. Also the speaker has been moved onto the opposite side.

The speaker is of a higher quality now. Also when using Siri you can hold the watch up and start talking and Siri will respond,sometimes, at other times she doesn’t answer and if you are on the train it will look weird. The old feature to access Siri is still available however.

Another new feature is the fall detection feature. Which means the watch will call emergency services if you fall from a height ,for an example,  it will immediately call emergency services.

Costs and Recommendations

The Apple Watch Series 4 costs about £399 I recommend this because it’s very good with a lot of new and impressive features.

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