Hayo- Control Your House With Your Hands


What is it?

Hayo is a piece of tech that transform your room into remote controls. Instead of shouting to Alexa – for an example-, just use your hands and your lights turn on!

You can set Hayo to set a place in the house where you put your hands and the tech you set it to turns on! You can choose a wide range of tech to control. Such as: your speakers, lights, fan, tv and much more.


Hayo is easy to setup. To connect the device to the wifi, then you choose a tech you want to turn on then you put the virtual control -the place where you want to put your hand- in the place you want, now you can control your house easily.


Unfortunately this is not out yet.( At the time of writing).


Social Feedback – We would say this is a 7/10 because there is a lot of information about the product.

Special Features- This is 10/10 because this is a thing of the future, the idea of turnings things on using your hands is amazing.



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