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Tesla’s Cybertruck

A few days ago Tesla unveiled at an event their all new Cybertruck! On first sight the Cybertruck looks like something that came out...

The New Apple Watch Series 5

What Is It? The Apple Watch Series 5 is Appleā€™s latest edition to their smart watches.However Apple has not made a lot of beneficial features. New...

New Generation Of Folding Phones!

Recently there has been a lot of speculation around the folding phones, Samsung has recently announced the Galaxy Fold which is set to release...

What’s New in iOS 13???

Apple recently announced at their WWDC event that they are releasing iOS 13. Apple has announced many new features to come to this software...

Are the Airpods 2 Really The Airpods 2???

What Is New? The AirPods have some new features such as the hands-free "Hey Siri" or the new wireless charging case. But...

5 Tech To Get For Christmas

5. The Apple Series 4 Watch The Apple Series 4 Watch would be a very nice gift for someone. It is a watch which is...


The New Apple Watch Series 5



I Phone X UPDATE!!!!!!!!!