New Google Pixel 3

5 Tech To Get For Christmas

5. The Apple Series 4 Watch The Apple Series 4 Watch would be a very nice gift for someone. It is a watch which is...

Xbox One X vs PS4 PRO

What is it? The Xbox One X and the PS4 PRO are the two well known consoles that have been battling for supremacy for years....

3rd Generation IPad Pro- Getting Thinner

What Is It? This is the new IPad that Apple recently announced at their event that the new IPad Pro will be coming out on...

Xbox One X vs PS4 PRO


H20 PAL- Are You Hydrated?

What is it? H20-Pal is a smart water bottle! Are you going to work and you bring water however you don't drink the water. Are...

Orbii – My Tiny Security Guard

What is It Orbi is a small ball-like security guard. It detects sounds such as the steam from a pan, it alerts you if there...

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Coming Out

Samsung have recently announced that they will be releasing the Galaxy Note 8 on September the 15th. Although the Galaxy Note 7 had many reports...

The Google Home Mini!!! Small Yet Mighty

What is it? This is essentially the smaller version of the Google Home. Like Amazon, Google has made a new smaller version of the original. What...

Tesla’s Cybertruck

A few days ago Tesla unveiled at an event their all new Cybertruck! On first sight the Cybertruck looks like something that came out...

The Rise Of Bitcoin

What Is It? Bitcoin is the most known Cryptocurrency, it was created on the 9th of January 2009. Bitcoin is quite successful at the moment...

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IOS 12 is Coming, What Is All The Hype For?

What Is It? Apple is updating their software again! At WWDC 2018 Apple announced the brand new software iOS 12.You can now get the developer...

Snapchat vs Instagram

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ProtectPax-Never Break Your Devices Again!!!

What is it? ProtectPax is a screen protecter however it is a very special screen protecter. Have you ever dropped your phone and it smashes,...

Top 5 Tech Of 2017!!!!

5. The Amazon Echo Dot Alexa has been a great helper for 2017. Alexa can tell you about the weather, the news and much more....

Rocket Book Wave- One Notebook, Endless Possiblilties

What Is It? The Rocket book Wave is an erasable notebook. Now you can scan your work, erase it then use the page again. How Does...

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