IOS 12 is Coming, What Is All The Hype For?


What Is It?

Apple is updating their software again! At WWDC 2018 Apple announced the brand new software iOS 12.You can now get the developer beta for iOS 12 however Apple will still make big changes to the software. Apple showcased many brand new features and many more features are still coming.

Release Date

The dates are not entirely official but the developer beta is ou now and the public beta may come out at the end of the month. The final iOS software will come out later in September. Waiting for the public beta is safer.

Better Performances

iPhones now will be at least 40 percent quicker when you open apps. Phones like the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 12 will make it faster (in terms of displaying the keyboard and typing).


iOS 12 will be compatible with iPhone 5s, iPad mini2 and iPad Air and newer.


Now Siri is even more smarter! If you say “I lost my keys” to Siri it will ring Tile tracker to find your keys. Also saying “Heading home” to Siri and Siri will turn on the thermostat and when you get home you will get a warm welcome!

Limit Your Time On iPhone

Now iPhone can analyse how much you use your iPhone and you can put a time limit on how long you can use the app for!


I’m sorry I haven’t written a blog in a long time but now I’m back!


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