MYNT Smart Tracker and Remote- Never Lose Anything Again


What is MYNT?

MYNT is a smart tracker and remote that can help you to find items that you need or to control something such as a slide in a PowerPoint can be very helpful because if you maybe, couldn’t find your phone you could click the remote and it will send a notification to your phone. It is much quicker then having your son calling your phone for you.

It Controls To.

MYNT can also control your PowerPoints, if you want to change the slide, also you can turn on your favourite music with this. This remote can even take selfies for you.

Where Do I Get It?

You can get this remote on for £18.99 (at the time of writing).


I rate this 7/10 because it saves time. Also you will not be able to lose anything or forget because the MYNT will notify you if you do. However I think £18.99 is expensive for a remote.


Get the MYNT today on Amazon

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