Oneplus 6T- Android’s Breakthrough


What Is It?

The Oneplus 6T is a new revolutionary phone made by Oneplus, the phone prior to this is the Oneplus 6. It’s operating system is Android and it is about 6.4 inches a little bigger compared to Oneplus’ last phone. It will be released on the 6th November.

What Is So Good About It

Compared to the last Oneplus there has not been much improvements however there are a lot of good features. Such as the face and touch ID. This feature makes it quick to log in however with pros there are cons. Face ID does not work in the dark and touch ID is slower compared to Apple’s one.

However the Oneplus 6T is known for its amazing camera the camera has not gotten much better however after more software updates Oneplus are planning to improve the camera even more.

The battery has improved greatly also. Now you can use your phone for longer without needing to charge it.


This phone will cost £499 for 128GB.

I recommend you to buy this phone because of its amazing features. Also the fact that the phone is amazing but cheaper than it should be.


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