ProtectPax-Never Break Your Devices Again!!!


What is it?

ProtectPax is a screen protecter however it is a very special screen protecter. Have you ever dropped your phone and it smashes, or drop your phone in the toliet or even take your phone out of your bag and find out it has been scratched? All of this can be disabled by owning ProtectPax. ProtectPax has an anti-scratch, it is waterproof and it cannot be smashed.

Where Do I Get It

You can buy this fromĀ

How Much Is It?

It is $15(at the time of writing).


I rate this 8/10 because this can save you a lot of money.-Repairing your phone-. It also can reduce the risk of losing your data. If your phone breaks you may have to get a new phone and you can lose your data.

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