Samsung Family Hub 2.0- The Smart Refrigerator???


What Is It?

The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 is a very unique refrigerator. It is a smart refrigerator it has lots of special features that makes life much easier.

What Does It Do?

Unlike many refrigerators this is a smart one. You can see what you have in your fridge or freezer. You have internet access and can ask your fridge to play music. You can also ask the fridge for recipes -it will read out the recipes for you-. You can also order groceries using the fridge.

Special Features?

The fridge has a voice control! It is like an Amazon Echo Dot mixed with a Google Home and a fridge! You can ask about the weather and you can put memos and a to do list. Another thing you can do is put reminders such as when the milk expires or when the cheese expires.


The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 cost approximately £3499.00 (at the time of writing).


Prices- I give this a 7/10 because this piece of tech although advanced is quite expensive.

Special Features- I give this 9/10 because it has features that many fridges do not have.

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