Snapchat vs Instagram


What are They?

Snapchat and Instagram are two very big social platforms. Ever since they came out there has been a lot of speculation of which platform is better. This Tech comparisons will show you which platform I recommend you to use.


Discovering is a vital part of Snapchat and Instagram, if you want to find a friend and etc. Instagram makes it easier to find what you like and puts a recommended part for you. You can find things that you want to watch. Snapchat makes it harder to find things that you like.

Instagram 1 Snapchat 0


There are so many amazing filters you can use to make an amateur photo go professional or to make you look different. For Instagram it is easier to tell if you have used a filter. For Snapchat filters it makes you look funny.

Instagram 1 Snapchat 1


On Snapchat this is a huge problem. Snapchat make Apple’s Snapchat look way better than Android’s Snapchat (especially the camera quality). On Instagram it is good on Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram came up on top. I recommend you to use Instagram espically for business uses.

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