The IPhone X- Coming Out Soon!


What Is it?

The IPhone X is the latest Apple phone that is going to be released on November 3rd 2017.

What Features Does It Have?

Apple have made the phone of the future. Now you can unlock your phone with a look. Also you can pay for things with a look! There is no home button so you can swipe up, use touch ID and face ID to unlock your phone. Apple have now developed the emoji machines. Animate your emoji on your phone! When you speak into your phone and send it the emoji is animated and speaks.

Also like the IPhone 8 there is wireless charging and the latest IOS system IOS 11. The camera is intricately made. Take breathtaking pictures using the IPhone X. Change the background using awesome effects.

Release Date

It will be released on November 3rd and I will be doing another post about where to get it and the cost!

Get the IPhone X on November 3rd.

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