Top 5 Tech Of 2017!!!!


5. The Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa has been a great helper for 2017. Alexa can tell you about the weather, the news and much more. This year she took the shops by storm and has dominated 2017. Although the voice controlled device was made in 2016 it was made famous in 2017.

4.The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has disappointed us many times before, however the Nintendo Switch was one of their best products in a very long time. The Nintendo Switch is a console designed to be used wherever you are.

3.VicSting Shower Speaker

Have you ever thought of listening to music while showering? But if you wanted to change your song on your phone you could get your phone wet! This Bluetooth speaker can make this possible. As it is waterproof you can have the speaker near you without damaging it.

2. PS4 PRO

This 4k console has proven to be a very good console. With 4k graphics it has kept Playstation neck and neck with the Xbox One X.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the horrible incidents with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung needed to get people’s trust back. After Samsung made two amazing phones however the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is underestimated. Samsung is slowly gaining our trust.

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