Vinci Headphones- Siri’s New Rival


What is it?

Vinci is a headphones that run on AI. Vinci is just like Siri except it doesn’t require a phone just your voice.

What does it do?

Vinci is your personal assistant wherever you go. It is subsquently your phone in headphones. So you do not need to bring earphones because with Vinci can play music from your favourite songs on Spotify. Vinci can make suggestions and observations on your journeys, such as if your bus is late and you need an alternate route. Vinci can even order Ubers! Vinci makes smart suggestions based on your environment.


This cost £146.00 (at the time of writing) if you want the Vinci Headphones click the link.


Price- This should be rated 7/10 because it is a little bit expensive.

Social Feedback- I rate this 7/10 because their latest post was the 27th of July however before that they posted often.

Special Features- I rate this 9/10 because what Vinci can do is amazing and has a lot of potential for the future.

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