What’s New in iOS 13???


Apple recently announced at their WWDC event that they are releasing iOS 13. Apple has announced many new features to come to this software update. Apple has also announced the phones that will not be compatible with (iPhone 5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

5. Dark Mode

Now you can turn your phone dark, Apple should have released this on earlier updates because the white light (especially in the night) can be very blinding.

4. Speed Update

Now when using iOS the apps launch two times quicker then when they launched on iOS 12.Also installing and updating apps are much faster.

3. Audio Sharing

Now on iOS 13 you can now connect two wireless audio devices and listen from one source, this can be useful if you are on a flight.

2. Updated Keyboard

A feature that has been on Android for a long time was the keyboard where you can swipe instead of type. This feature is finally coming to iOS.

  1. Updated Photos

Now photos are more grouped and there are more options for editing photos.

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