Why FIFA will NEVER change!


FIFA has been a successful game more than 20 years and recently a lot of missing features  on FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 have upset the fans (and me). People are want changes in FIFA 19 however are fearing the EA WILL NOT LISTEN AGAIN.

Ultimate Team

The reason EA are not changing career modes and pro clubs I believe  is because they are making a lot of money from Ultimate Team and are constantly changing Ultimate Team to satisfy the fans. Leaving our favourite modes in the shade.

Missing Features on Fifa 18

However on FIFA 07 many amazing features were there but removed later. You used to be able to upgrade your stadium! If you were a League 2 side and was promoted to the Premier League surely you would upgrade your stadium. But not on FIFA 18. Why can’t you be allowed to change your player ratings in the middle of career mode. Why does EA care if you make Iwobi 99 rated? EA doesn’t care about us or our favourite modes but it cares about the money.

Does Anyone Play The Journey?

EA spend so much time on The Journey when nobody even plays it more than once! You are quite limited from the start. If you played it more than once it feels like the same game. A few cutscenes on player career would be amazing! You can’t even play as your own character. I played NBA 2K 14, you can create your own player and it was more fun the Journey.

EA are talking about the amount of changes on FIFA 19 but have they really changed our favourite modes?

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