Xbox One X vs PS4 PRO


What is it?

The Xbox One X and the PS4 PRO are the two well known consoles that have been battling for supremacy for years. This comparison will show which console would be better for you to use.

Power and Memory

The Xbox One X has a ram of 12GB and PS4 has a ram of 8GB (GDDR5). Xbox One X has shows 326GBPS whilst PS4 PRO shows 218GBPS. Th Xbox One X has a 4k Blueray drive while the PS4 PRO has a bleray drive.


The Xbox One X has a better resolution however games like Spiderman are taken advantage by PS4 PRO because it is compatible on PS4.


The PS4 Pro is £100  cheaper at £349 and the Xbox One X is £425.

Overall the Xbox One X comes out on top with amazing resolution and much more power.

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