CoolTechBoy’s Visit to Facebook HQ!


When I got to Facebook HQ I felt a sensation of awe because not many young people -like me- get to visit what is arguably the most prestigious technology company in the world.

I was excited as I got into the building because the millions of people who want to go to Facebook HQ do not know where it is situated. Unfortunately, I cannot share the location with you. It was exciting to get a guided tour at Facebook HQ by Pearl Oguchi. Pearl was also very friendly and enthusiastic about working at Facebook.

She took us through Facebook, I saw things that are not in most companies such as a wall that employees can write things on, sleeping pods, a games room and much more exciting things.

We also got to see the employees of Facebook keeping the platform functioning. They were friendly because they weren’t stressed and it seemed like most people liked their jobs.

I am so honoured to visit the ‘world’s greatest company’ and I recommend that you visit Facebook. It is a fantastic place to check out – if you can find it!

For all tech lovers Facebook HQ is a place for you.

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