H20 PAL- Are You Hydrated?


What is it?

H20-Pal is a smart water bottle! Are you going to work and you bring water however you don’t drink the water. Are getting constant headaches, feeling tired and getting distracted easily then why don’t you get H20-PAL.

What does it do?

First you have to get the H20-PAL app (on IOS but is coming out later on Android) then you connect the bottle with your phone. Now you can set daily fitness goals for yourself also you can check how hydrated you are. The app alerts you when you need to drink some water. You can also do your daily fitness using the app.


This cost $99.99 (at the time of writing). If you want to get this click on this link. https://www.h2opal.com/products/h2o-pal


Social Feedback- We rate this 6/10 because they haven’t posted since July ( at the time of writing).

Social Benefit- This is rated 9/10 because lots of people are getting dehydrated from not drinking water.


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