Rocket Book Wave- One Notebook, Endless Possiblilties


What Is It?

The Rocket book Wave is an erasable notebook. Now you can scan your work, erase it then use the page again.

How Does It Work?

At the bottom of your page you can choose where your work goes. If you wanted a certain page to always go to the drive. You mark the icon and on the app put where the pages with the marked icon goes. If your whole book is full you can put it in the microwave. It takes about 3 minutes.


You can get the Rocket Book Wave at Amazon for £29.99. Click the link.


Social Benefit- We gives this a 9/10 because a problem for lots of people is filled notebooks. Some of your important notes go into lots of notebooks.

Special Features- We give this a 7/10 because it is good that you can reuse your notebook however it is a little bit dangerous to put paper in a microwave.

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