Samsung Galaxy S9- A Camera That Works Like Your Eye


What Is It?

This is the brand new Samsung phone which is coming out on the 16th March however people who have pre-ordered will get the phone earlier. Samsung has made many revolutionary changes to this phone. It is worrying for Apple if Samsung is making phones like this.

What are the Differences Between S9 and S8?

People have finally gained Samsung’s trust after the Note 7. The S9 is slightly shorter yet heavier then their previous phone. The fingerprint scanner is now at the back of the phone (underneath the camera). It also has dual speakers. The resolution has gone up to 1440p!

Also they made iris scanners if you hate Face ID! Now Samsung has made their own version of Animoji (without animals). Now create a avatar of yourself and you can use it in various social media platforms.

The Camera

The biggest change that the Samsung S9 is the camera. Take amazing photos of yourself, even when it’s dark. Your picture will look amazing.

Should I Buy This?

CoolTechBoy recommends you to buy this phone as it is much better than any Samsung phone made with the tremendous amount of changes. The S9 costs around £730 (at time of writing).

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