The I Phone 8 is Finally Out!!!!!!


What is it?

This is the second latest I phone. ( The I phone X is coming out soon). Apple have announced improvements and new features.

How is it Different to Any Other I phone?

Firstly a major addition to I phone is the latest IOS 11, it is available on every I phone above the 4. Also the touch ID is now on the screen, you no longer have to hold your finger on the home screen. There will be a white circle at the bottom of the screen that you can use. Now there is also a 4GB RAM and now there is up to 512GB of space. Also now there is a wireless charger section!

Why Should I Buy It

I think you should buy it because it is such an amazing phone. Although I don’t think the Iphone 8 is worth the price it is, I think it is still good. Buy the I phone 8 hereĀ



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