The Rise Of Bitcoin


What Is It?

Bitcoin is the most known Cryptocurrency, it was created on the 9th of January 2009. Bitcoin is quite successful at the moment as it is not controlled by the government therefore you do not have to pay tax. Bitcoin makes it incredibly easy to transfer money overseas as there are no fees for oversea transfers.

How To Get Bitcoin?

To acquire Bitcoin you have to get it from a “Bitcoin exchange” this is where you buy or sell Bitcoin in your own currency. You can also invest in the Bitcoin market. You can make interest on how much you invested very quickly compared to local banks.

If It Is So Beneficial Why Isn’t Everyone Using It?

People think it is risky because when Bitcoin was made many people used it for illegal activities. Sometimes the Bitcoin economy plummets and you can lose lots of money (like any other economy) however it is quite unstable which means it can plummet.



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