Top 5 Tech Coming Out In 2018 To Get Excited For


5. Artificial Intelligence

As one of the first human robots has been created and has been revealed to the public. Her name is Sophia. She has been on many TV shows. She is an amazing creation however she does scare me a little bit. (As I am not use to robots).

4. More Voice Assistants on TV

If your watching a TV show and you want to change it, speak into thin air and the TV will do it for you. Google introduced this in 2017 however we are expecting to see a big rise of this.

3. The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Many people before 2017 and 2018 did not trust Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies because it was used mostly for things like drugs some people do not trust it now. However many people are making a lot of money because of Bitcoin because sometimes the Bitcoin plummets but within a matter of time it increases rapidly.

2. More Home Security

As Technology gets more advanced it may be harder more criminals to get into your house. It also could reduce the amount of fires. As some cameras and sensors alert you if something is wrong you can prevent the problem before something bad happens.

  1. Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars are on the rise, already many new cars can park by themselves and Cadillac released cruise mode for highways!


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