Waverly Labs- Speak Other People’s Language


What is it?

Waverly Labs is a kit – with earpieces- which enables you to talk to people all around the world!

How Does it Work?

You put the earpieces in your ear an talk in your own language to the other person. The earpieces translate what you are saying into a language which is understandable to the other person. You have to connect the pieces via bluetooth, there you can set which language to translate to.

Where Do I Get This?

It is not accessible currently however you can pre-order for $249.00.The product is coming out in the Fall 2017. Check out the website at http://www.waverlylabs.com/


Social Feedback-I rate this 7/10 because they are very interactive with thier customers.Also they have 184,964 likes. Overall people have rated the company 4.7/5 stars which is very good.

Social Benefit- I rate this 8/10 because this could potentially help many people around the world. If you have a best friend from Spain you can easily interact with he/she. However I think this is only for friends or relatives from different countries. Not if you were ordering a ticket in another country. If somebody was ordering I would not like someone putting something in my ear.

Special Features-I rate this 6/10 because there is a wide range of languages but it could be wider. You can have 12 languages.-Some of them you will have to pay for it-.

Prices- I rate this 7/10 because $249.00 is quite expensive also many customers were told they would get it by Summer 2017 however the release date had been pushed back.


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